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The Be Strong Paragliding tandem flight, too sensitive hearts refrain

If you have to live a little more than the sensations of an ascending air mass, you can opt for the formula "Be Strong" which will give you a glimpse of some figures made by aerobatic pilots. Sensations and G guaranteed!

The Be Strong Flight description

Contrary to the other formulas proposed which correspond to a soft slide in the air, this paragliding tandem is destined to people who like thrills ...
This "Be Strong paragliding tandem", which lasts 15 to 25 minutes, includes several descents composed of various figures. They belong to the paragliding acrobatics repertoire. These different maneuvers with strong inclinations are naturally easy to master by our paragliding instructors.
PS: this type of paragliding flight can only be practiced with adequate conditions to easily gain altitude. To see on the spot the same day.

The Be Strong Flight price

The Be Strong Flight : 110 € / 105 € groups (5 et +)
Optional photos/vidéos HD : 25 €

Family Offer

2 videos bought = 2 offered plus 5 € discount per flight
(4 people including 2 children mini)

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