Advanced Training Course

After a recovery session on a school slope, the paragliding training course will be an opportunity for you to improve takeoff and control and develop your own analysis of flight conditions. On the other hand, your sessions of large flights will allow you to discover the different sites of Millau.

You live in Aveyron or Herault (Montpellier, Béziers), and you decide to continue your training here. Indeed, it is a good choice because Millau is a high place for the practice of free flight!

The content of the paragliding perfection course

Objective : to become autonomous in calm conditions on known sites and pass the initial pilot's license.
You have already done your paragliding initiation course and you want to continue your progress. During this paragliding training, you will deepen the theory in order to pass the initial pilot's license. But you will also practice a lot to improve your body language, refine your driving and also to better understand all the stages of a flight. Many theoretical points will be implemented to help you become an autonomous pilot who begins to make decisions.

Program :
- Theoretical aspects,
- Analysis of conditions,
- Exercises in flight (pitch, roll, "ears" ...),
- Work on takeoffs,
- Ground catch ... and of course the pleasure of solo flights in calm conditions.


Paragliding advanced course every week from April to the end of October on reservation (according to the weather and planning)
The school works in small groups (max 5). Minimum number of 2 trainees.

- Medical certificate and insurance RC Aerial student compulsory (from 32 €)
- All ages 14 and older with parental permission (and depending on weight)
- Shuttle included for long flight sessions
- State Patent Monitors 1 ° and covered in Commercial RC Insurance . < br> - REGISTRATION FORM CLICK HERE

Price: 495 €

Discover the 3 paragliding course formulas that we offer on Millau site:

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Air Magic paragliding school was created in 2009 and offers training courses as well as discovery tandem flights.
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