The flying places in Millau

We come from Montpellier, Albi, Toulouse or Béziers to fly on the paragliding sites of Millau. Indeed, the pilots appreciate the sites of the region for their quality of flight but also for their beauty. Here are the 4 must-see sites.

Pouncho d'Agast the paragliding site of Millau

Puncho d'Agast, THE paragliding site of Millau

Pouncho d'Agast is the paragliding site of Millau par excellence! Located at the southwestern end of the Causse Noir in the pine forest of the Grands Causses National Park, it offers a beautiful view. Indeed, in paragliding, we see the city, the confluence of Dourbie on the Tarn, the Viaduct, the Causse du Larzac. You can also see in the distance the foothills of the Levezou Massif.
This pointed end of the Causse offers takeoffs with various orientations:
- South: Flight South to South East (Attention S-E marked strong!)
- South Delta: Idem
- West: Flight South West to West
- Northwest: Flight in ... North West!

GPS location : 44°06'37.7" N 03°06'10.9"E

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Brunas paragliding site in Millau

Brunas, the site for flying near the ground

Brunas is another popular paragliding site in Millau.
Located on the northern edge of the arid lands of Causse du Larzac, it overlooks the charming village of Creissels and Millau. It also offers one of the best views on the Viaduct, the Tarn and Levezou wind farm.
It is flown by North wind.
The softness of its slope allows reposes at the top as well as excellent sessions of play at ground level.
The dynamic yield is often very good on the cliff.
Be careful, however, to the strong Northeast (deco under the wind!).

GPS location : 44°04'19.2"N 03°03'50.7"E

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Pic d'Andan flying place in Millau

The Andan Peak, the site of withdrawal

Le Pic d'Andan is located North of Millau.
The Pic d'Andan is a relief located north of the city of Millau. This paragliding site of Millau is mainly used in south-east wind too strong to fly to the Pouncho of Agast.
Be careful though, please respect the places and instructions (lay aside not cultivated, no inflation).

GPS location : 44°07'54.2"N 03°04'08.1"E

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Novis paragliding site next to Gorges du Tarn

Novis, fallback site with little difference in altitude

30 minutes north of Millau, the site of Novis is located on the southern end of Causse Sauveterre facing the Tarn valley and Causse Noir, near the Gorges du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte.
This paragliding site has a small vertical drop, but is very appreciable in the south-east wind too strong in Millau! Please respect the places (the big ground just above is not allowed).

GPS location : 44°15'21.2"N 03°07'03.0"E

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