Frequently Asked Questions before a tandem flight

You probably have some questions before you do your paragliding tandem. Here are some answers to the most common questions. What you need to remember, a tandem flight is very accessible and the monitor knows how to adapt his flight so that the flight remains an unforgettable memory.

The little story of paragliding

In 1978, a team of paratroopers began to take off on a steep slope with their parachutes in Mieussy Haute Savoie (France) inventing paragliding. Then, the practice is structured first with the FFP and then within the FFVL in France. Today practiced around the world, paragliding wings have evolved strongly and have become much more powerful (in terms of speed and glide) and reassuring. The last record of distance in paragliding flight recorded in France: 413 km in France and the world record achieved in Brazil: 564 km! On the other hand, the practice of paragliding also tends to the search for lightness. Among others, for the practice of paralpinism, some manufacturers offer a sail with harness to less than 1.5 kg!
The paragliders are now approved according to the EN standard which classifies the sails according to their level of requirement in terms of piloting as well as in terms of resistance to the constraints of use, the helmets and harnesses also.

Is there vertigo during a paragliding tandem flight ?

Are you subject to vertigo? No problem ! You will not have it in paragliding because it is a sensation that exists when you are bound in contact with the ground. As soon as we take off, this sensation can not exist. Myself, responsible for the paragliding school, is subject to it, however it does not worry me as a pilot. Hard to believe and yet, did you get dizzy when flying? Surely not. You can feel a strong emotion or be impressed, which is normal but not more.

Can we be air sick during a paragliding tandem flight ?

This is one of the common questions regarding paragliding tandem. Yes, air sickness can happen, usually to people who are also sensitive by car. To prevent it, let us know in order to choose quieter conditions for the flight. You can also anticipate taking an anti-nausea medication one hour before. Discovery flight can also be a solution because it is done in the morning before the thermal activity starts.

Leave with unforgettable memories of your paragliding tandem !

We propose you to take photos and videos HD of your paragliding tandem(optional) with the help of a HD camera mounted on a telescopic handle. All in flight images on this website are made this way. The price is 25 € on all flights except the Be Cool flight at 20 €.

Frequently Asked Questions before a tandem flight

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