The flying places in Millau

Pouncho d'Agast in Millau

La Puncho d'Agast

Located in the south west end of the "Causse Noir" in the Grands Causses Park pinède. Overlooking Millau, the Dourbie and Tarn confluence, Millau's famous Viaduct and the Larzac Causse.

GPS location : 44°06'37.7" N 03°06'10.9"E

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Brunas paragliding flying place in Millau


Located in the north of the Larzac Causse, the flying place of Brunas is overlooking the charming village of Creissels and Millau. It offers the closest view on Millau's viaduct and the Tarn river.
This is a great place for soaring and wagga sessions (fun close to the ground).

GPS location : 44°04'19.2"N 03°03'50.7"E

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Pic d'Andan flying place in Millau

Le Pic d'Andan

Le Pic d'Andan is located North of Millau.
This place is used as south est wind is to strong to fly in Pouncho d'Agast.

GPS location : 44°07'54.2"N 03°04'08.1"E

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Novis paragliding flying place in Millau


Located 30 minutes drive North of Millau, Novis is facing the Tarn valley and the Causse Noir, next to the "Gorges du Tarn" and "Gorges de la Jonte" (gorges=canyon).

GPS location : 44°15'21.2"N 03°07'03.0"E

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