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The B High Flight, the XXL tandem flight, a paragliding tandem to fly like raptors

You dream to fly like a bird, to hover like a raptor over the mountains. With us, it will no longer be a utopia but a reality. Then go on long-duration tandem flight, for an aerial hike in the sky of Millau and the Regional Natural Park of Causses of Aveyron.

The B High Flight description

The B High Flight formula or "Flight XXL" is the tandem flight for gourmands, for people who want a maximum. More than a discovery of paragliding, this tandem is an invitation to travel. Your pilot will take you on board for an aerial hike. You will thus know the secret of the vultures flying without flapping their wings in the sky of Millau and the Grands Causses. This flight will be an opportunity for you to know how paragliders try to make great distances in paragliding (reading clouds, exploitation of updrafts, notions of driving and navigation ...). This two-seater flight formula is also often offered for people starting their paragliding training.
Like Be Free Flight, we can schedule this tandem flight from mid-day to evening.

The B High Flight or "XXL" price

The B High : 165 € / 155 € groups (5 et +)
Optional photos/vidéos HD : 25 €

Family Offer

2 videos bought = 2 offered plus 5 € discount per flight
(4 people including 2 children mini)

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A propos

Air Magic paragliding school was created in 2009 and offers training courses as well as discovery tandem flights.
Member of the FFVL (Fédération Française de Vol Libre) under the N°02939 and declared to the DDDCSPP under the N°01210ET0019ET